K-G Packaging | Spray-Pak

Our Mission

OUR MISSION is to be a world class formulator, packager and supplier of aerosol products. We accomplish our mission every day, by providing a broad range of services that are exceptional. Our company is built around five important cornerstones, namely;

1. Innovative Product Development
2. Flexible Manufacturing Capability
3. Low Cost and High Capacity Aerosol Production
4. Legendary Technical and Customer Support
5. Sales & Marketing Expertise

OUR STRUCTURE enables clients to draw upon any combination of services to satisfy their individual aerosol requirements. Our flexible, integrated and highly personal approach permits us to produce and administer programs from concept to completion.

OUR PARTNERSHIP with each of our customers is just that, a firm relationship that builds trust over time. This is a result of the innovative, technologically advanced and consistent high quality of our products as services. We continue to surpass the expectations and needs of our partners by providing them with the ultimate in customer satisfaction at every turn.