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Aerosols & The Environment

MANY YEARS AGO, scientists raised concern that the ozone layer which surrounds the earth and protects us from harmful UVA (ultraviolet radiation) was thinning. One of the sources suspected of causing damage to the ozone layer in the past was CFC’s (chlorofluorocarbons) that were used in aerosols, various cooling systems and other industrial processes.

We at K-G Packaging are also deeply concerned about the environment and are committed to the intelligent use and reuse of its resources.

No CFC’s

TODAY, NONE of our products contain CFC’s or other harmful, ozone depleting chemicals…and haven’t for over 20 YEARS.



All of our aerosol products are made from tin-plated steel or aluminum that can be recycled either through many of the local recycling programs or where recycling facilities


K-G Packaging is committed to reducing and eliminating the amount of VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) or the chemicals that can contribute to atmospheric smog that are in aerosol products. Our Research and Development teams are working with all government agencies such as Environment Canada and MPI in order to meet as well as exceed the future imposed limits of VOC’s in aerosol products TODAY. You can rest assured that our Research and Development team will be on the for-front when it comes to providing more environmentally friendly products for our customers.


Kyoto Protocol

K-G Packaging is committed to saving our planet by reducing the effect of global warming through manufacturing products that do not contribute to green house gas emissions as set out by Kyoto Treaty.