K-G Packaging | Spray-Pak

Hidez Sealer / Primer

For plaster – as a sealer for new plaster
For ceiling tiles – as a cover prior to painting to seal water and other stains
For wood – as a knot sealer
For stains – prior to painting to cover crayons, lipstick, greases, etc.
For old enamel & varnished wood – as a sealer primer prior to repainting

Available in Aerosol and Brush-On White


  • Superior hiding power
  • Versatile
  • Dries quickly
  • Interior/Exterior use (for spot priming only on exterior applications)


  • Perfect for covering water, fire and smoke stains, knots, lipstick, graffiti, etc. prior to repainting
  • Saves time
  • Can be used around the home... inside or out