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Benefits of Aerosol Technology


No Preparation. No mixing. No Fuss. Aerosol containers are totally self –contained and immediately ready for use at all times. Aerosol products do not have an expiry date and are one of the longest lasting products on the shelf today.

Tamper Proof

Each aerosol container is hermetically sealed and virtually impossible to contaminate. Child proof caps are available to provide additional safety.


Aerosol containers are available in a variety of sizes, including very small 85gram containers. Consumers need not buy more than what is necessary and desirable.


Just point and press the nozzle from 8 to 10 inches away from the surface you are apply it to. Nothing could be more effective. To clean, simply invert the can and release the gas to clear the nozzle.


Small, self-contained and extremely durable, aerosol containers are suitable for a wide variety of applications.


Aerosols provide the ultimate in even coating and smooth professional looking finishes. Aerosols are ideally suited for paints, adhesives and lubricants of all kinds.